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MEPs 2014

Our newly (re)elected Green MEPs Molly Scott Cato, Jean Lambert and Keith Taylor during the first session of the 2014-2019 European Parliament. 

In Europe the Green voice is a powerful voice and is at the heart of the decision making process. The Green Party is part of the fourth largest group in the European Parliament. 

That is larger than both the Conservative and UKIP groups. 

Green MEPs get involved and make things happen. Over the course of the last Euro Parliament, Green MEPs have been instrumental in capping bankers’ bonuses, strengthening worker’s rights and introduced a ban on cosmetics developed through animal testing.

View our European Mini manifesto / Full manifesto.

Every Green Vote Counts


Because of the proportional system used in this election every vote counts and will have a significant impact on how Europe is being run.

In some regions it will only take a swing of less than 1% to ensure another Green is elected. This election could see more Green MEPs elected from the UK than ever before.

More Green votes means more Green MEPs – which means a safer, fairer and greener Europe for us all.