Caroline Allen

Caroline AllenCaroline, 37, lives in Islington. A vet and community campaigner, she has lived in North and East London for the past decade, living in Wanstead, Hackney and Islington. Caroline has been active in campaigns including protecting local sports centres and green spaces, for safer streets and responsible pet ownership and against factory farming. Caroline is the Green Party's Spokesperson on animal issues and also has worked on science, food, animal and conservation policy.

She said: "I joined the Green Party six years ago because of my concerns about the environment and the effect climate change and habitat loss were having on the world's inhabitants. I realised that a political solution is required but that none of the other parties really understood these issues".

"I soon discovered that the Green Party offers a real viable alternative on the very serious issues that affect people at a much more local level, from inequality and poverty thorough to our transport, food, housing and health. Labour, the Tories and Lib Dems just don't see how their policies are damaging our communities and increasing inequality at every turn. None of them can see beyond a bland vision of business of usual, which means deference to the markets which got us in this mess and a pursuit of growth at all costs.

"What London needs are politicians who can make the link between these crucial areas- the environmental and the social -and have a vision of a better city not dependant on dodgy high finance. The Green Party has workable policies that will make a positive difference and a proven track record in the Assembly and that is why I am proud to be their candidate in North East London."