10 steps Labour must take in the first 100 days to show they’re serious about real change

The Green Party has laid down the first 10 steps the new Labour government’s must take in their first 100 days to show they’re serious about changing Britain. These steps Greens say will act as a “litmus test for the direction this government plans to travel”.

The ten steps that Greens have laid out are clear but easily achievable reforms. They are:

  1. Settle a pay deal with the Junior Doctors that properly values their work
  2. Remove the two-child benefit cap
  3. Bring criminal charges against Southern Water, Northumbrian Water, South West Water, United Utilities, Thames Water, Wessex Water Anglian Water, Severn Trent and Yorkshire Water for persistent discharge of sewage into our rivers and seas.
  4. Make solar panels compulsory on all new suitable homes and reverse the de-facto ban on onshore wind.
  5. Produce a plan for local rail links that could be reopened
  6. Call an emergency dentistry summit
  7. Restore the right to strike to public-sector workers
  8. Recognise the state of Palestine and end arms sales to all countries where there’s a serious risk of them being used in breach of international law
  9. Introduce a natural history GCSE
  10. End no fault evictions and strengthen renters rights, including new powers to local authorities to control rents

Commenting, Green Party Co-Leader and newly elected MP for Bristol Central, Carla Denyer said,

“Keir Starmer promised change. And so today we’ve outlined a sketch of what immediate change looks like. It means valuing our frontline NHS workers, taking immediate steps towards lasting peace in Israel and Palestine, turbo-charging the renewables revolution and much more. These are issues where the public is demanding change and they are things this next Labour government could, and should, deliver in their first 100 days.”

Adrian Ramsay, Green Party Co-Leader and MP for Waveney Valley, added,

“These first actions will act as litmus test for the direction this government plans to travel. Are they serious about defending the environment and restoring public services or are we going to see more managed decline on an already broken system? In the medium-term it is clear that Labour need to be honest about the need to raise more revenue to properly fund the systemic change this country needs. It is within this government’s gift to properly fund the NHS but this is impossible if they refuse to consider introducing a modest wealth tax for the very richest in our society. Budgets are already stretched and if they push them much more I worry the system will snap.”

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