A Fairer, Greener Welcome

Real hope.
Real change.

We welcome the contributions that migrants and refugees make to British society. We want to be welcoming, promote social cohesion and support migrants to put down roots.

Green MPs will push for:

  • An end to the hostile environment.
  • An end to the minimum income requirements for spouses of those holding work visas.
  • Safe routes to sanctuary for those fleeing persecution.
  • The dysfunctional Home Office to be replaced with a new Department of Migration, separating this function from the criminal justice system.
  • An end to immigration detention for all migrants unless they are a danger to public safety.
  • Abolition of the ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition that exacerbates social, economic, and racial inequalities.
  • Those seeking asylum and protection to be permitted to work while their application is being decided.

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