Arts, Sports and Culture for All

Real hope.
Real change.

Arts, culture and sports are central to people’s mental and physical wellbeing, and to thriving communities. They also make a huge contribution to the UK economy.

Green MPs will push for:

  • A £5bn investment to support community sports, arts and culture.
  • Keeping local sports facilities, museums, theatres, libraries and art galleries open and thriving.
  • An end to VAT on cultural activities, lowering the prices of everything from museum tickets to gigs in local pubs and making these more accessible.


Our media landscape is skewed by the dominance of billionaire and big-tech ownership, intent on maximising profits by irresponsible practices that undermine democracy and promote harmful online content.

Elected Greens will push for:

  • A change in the law so that no single individual or company can own more than 20% of any media market.
  • All the reforms proposed in the second part of the 2012 Leveson Report.

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