Caring With Fairness, Compassion and Dignity

Real hope.
Real change.

Over 400,000 people are awaiting care reviews, payments or assessments, and there are 150,000 staff vacancies in the care sector. In England, there are estimated to be 4.7 million unpaid carers.

To address this crisis and help take pressure off the NHS, Green MPs will push for investment of £20bn to:

  • Introduce free personal care along the lines successfully brought in by the Scottish Government, to ensure dignity in old age and for the disabled.
  • Increase pay rates and introduce a career structure for carers to rebuild the care workforce.

For those still living at home, this will enable earlier access to help maintain independence and wellbeing. For those living in residential settings, the personal care elements will be fully funded, alongside a tapered approach to other costs based on the level of income. For those struggling to afford the accommodation element of residential care, including because their spouse is still in the family home, local authorities need to be properly funded to provide the right level of financial support.

Elected Greens will also push for:

  • An additional £3bn to enable local authorities to provide high-quality children’s social care

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