Fairer, Greener Social Support

Real hope.
Real change.

Most of us want to live in a country where everyone is treated with dignity, not one where record numbers of children are in poverty, older people can’t keep warm and disabled people are badly let down. We can do so much better, lifting everyone up and making sure all of us can access extra help when we need it.

To tackle the cost-of-living crisis for the poorest in our society and make the social security system fairer and less punitive, elected Greens will campaign to:

  • Increase Universal Credit and legacy benefits by £40 a week.
  • Abolish the two-child benefit cap, lifting 250,000 children out of poverty.
  • End the ‘bedroom tax’.
  • In the long term, introduce a universal basic income to give everybody the security to start a business, study, train and live their life in dignity.

Disabled people

Disabled people have as much right to lead full, meaningful lives as everyone else.

Green MPs will push to:

  • Restore the value of disability benefits, with an immediate uplift of 5%.
  • Reform intrusive eligibility tests like PIP and the unfair targeting of carers and disabled people on benefits.
  • Make it mandatory for councils to provide free transport for 16-18 year old pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

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