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In Universities across England and Wales there's a huge inequality - between how much the highest and lowest paid workers earn.

In 2013, we launched our first Fair Pay Campus report, as part of our Fair Pay Campus Campaign. Among other things, the Campaign asks that each university sets their maximum pay ratio at 10:1 by raising the lowest paid staff to the living wage and reducing the top pay bracket to £140,000.

Five years later we released our second report, finding that:

  • Vice Chancellors' salaries have increased by £17,107 on average, meaning £31,052,607 is spent on Vice Chancellors Pay each year
  • There has been an increase of £10,140,000 in executive pay across the 117 universities who responded
  • Only 22% of those on executive salaries are women
  • The average ratio of highest to lowest paid staff at universities (that are not outsourced) is 17.5:1, in comparison to our campaign aims of 10:1 campuses.

Take action now!

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Along with our reports, we've produced these resources so that Young Greens groups can get started with campaigning on their campuses.