Messages for Caroline

We have been inundated with messages of hope and support following Caroline Lucas’ announcement of stepping down at the next General Election.

Caroline has had a huge impact over the past 13 years not only in significantly changing the course in National debate but in showing that there is a way to do politics differently.

Caroline’s dedication and integrity has demonstrated how essential it is to have Green voices in UK politics.

Having MPs focused on standing up for the climate and nature.

We’ve collated some of your responses below and it’s clear to see the optimism and drive that Caroline has inspired in so many.

Your messages for Caroline

You are an inspiration and have had a deep impact on my life. I cannot begin to imagine how much hard work you have done and I am sure, will continue to do. Thank you and best wishes for the future.

- John Oughton

Caroline Lucas,
So many thanks for your extraordinary work as an MP over the years.
You have been a beacon of hope for Green Party issues & a different kind of politics embracing honesty & integrity.
It is difficult to express my regret that you are standing down as an MP; everybody's loss. I am delighted that you have taken the decision which is so obviously right for you.

- Keith Norton

Dear Caroline,
I am very sorry to hear we will no longer have the best MP in Parliament.
You have been brilliant.
I am sure that you will continue to fight for the environment and I wish you all the luck in the world getting through to people the need to take climate change seriously.

- Diana Westerhoff

Caroline you will be missed as the calm voice of reason in Parliament.

- Diane Jarosy

Dear Caroline,
I was really touched by your letter of gratitude to Green Party members which was so sincere and genuine and heartfelt. Professional integrity is key in politics and your reflection of your career in politics gives us all hope for honesty in representation in the best interest of members.
I wish you all the very best and am sure there will be much personal interests that can be pursued upon your retirement from politics.
Thank you fir serving your members with commitment and a great sense of duty.
Best Wishes and Happy Retirement,

- Jase Ayathorai

Thank you so much for everything you've done.
You have been a shining role model and a highly respected trailblazer.
What a wonderful legacy you leave.
Thank you- with huge gratitude from a whole generation.

- Morag Warrack

I just want to say how grateful I am for all your hard work.
Your passion and drive has been a total inspiration to me.
In a time of total despair you are the voice of reason and why I joined the Green Party. Whilst I am sad that you are stepping down I completely understand that you can't go on forever…..your health and sanity is the most important thing.
Thankyou for everything you have done.
Very best wishes

- Martin Ansell

This is such sad news.Caroline you are an absolute hero and a shining example of what a leader should be. Such a shame for us all but I hope that you are ok and get the rest you must surely need. Your hard work is very much appreciated. You have been a real inspiration.
Thank you.

- Helen Bradbury

Your bravery and courage to stand up for truth, fairness and justice has inspired many of us who dont speak out.

- Chris Brogan

Of course this comes as sad news to me, but I know the strength and effort you have committed to parliament and I totally understand and respect your decision. I would like to say a huge thank you for being the person to represent my views, open my eyes to new issues, and unashamedly stand up for what is morally right. Good for you Caroline! You are a hero!

- Jamie Hooper

Dear Caroline,
you have done so much for the green movement. Your voice has been worth more than that of a hundred other MPs. You are a true inspiration to us all, and have paved the way for a whole new cohort of Greens in Parliament, with any luck. There is no doubt that you have shaped and influenced the wider political debate, to take into account those with the least well heard voice -those of future generations. Thank you so much for all you have done, and are still doing.

- Dominic Manning

Dear Caroline,
Sad news indeed for us but welcome for you I'm sure.
I had the luck to live in Brighton for nearly 30 years and of all the things I did there, one that I feel especially good about was helping you get elected. It was so exciting on that day back in 2010 and I remember singing in a concert and when you were mentioned the audience erupted in cheers.
You have been such an inspiration, showing just how much one Green MP can achieve and you, finally, crushed the General Election lie of “I’d love to vote Green but you’ll never get elected”. Thanks to you, no voter can ever say that to the Greens in this country again.
Thank you for everything you’ve done and being a clear, cogent and powerful speaker in the commons on issues that really matter.
I know you will continue to be as effective wherever you put your amazing energy and love.
All the very best,

- Stephen Watson

Thank you for everything you have done to make England a better place to live. Having voted Labour all my life I voted for the Green party at 2019 election, and will continue to do so. Its great to talk to a lot of people now who have started to vote Green, and you don't hear people saying its a wasted vote anymore. My parents are in their 80s and voted Green at the recent council elections for the first time so its never too late!

- Steve Murphy

You are such a force for good, I am sorry to see you go, but I am sure you will bring your warmth generosity and wise council to your next project, it's been a pleasure to meet you either at Menwith Hill or the Penn club. Very best wishes

- John Arnison

Dear Caroline,
Our deep gratitude to have been faithful, generous & Very courageous working year after year as the only Green MP. We owe you thanks beyond measure as does the rest of Britain. We send you many blessings for your onward journey & tho it is a sad day for UK politics we hope it is the start of a kinder & gentler phase in your own life.
May love & joy surround you each day
Stacey & John xx

- Stacey Darrell

Dear Caroline,
I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational work for the Green Party and for being the perfect example of how a good MP should conduct themselves always putting the needs of the environment and the electorate front and centre.
With very best wishes for the future.

- Mary Wood

Caroline, we have nothing but total respect and love for you; what an incredible woman and exceptional role model and inspiration you are to so many. There is sadness but complete understanding of why you are stepping down at the next general election. You have paved the way for other elected Greens to follow. Much love from us all at Tewkesbury Green Party.

- Cate Cody

Caroline, you are the reason I have stood and I am standing again for the Green Party. I moved from last to third to second this last election, just 100 votes away from a seat. We will win here and it's thanks to your inspiration.

- Joseph Stopps

You're a total inspiration Caroline and will be much missed though I know you're not stepping away from public campaigning on the climate. Wishing you all the very best for the future. The planet needs you!

- Julietta Schoenmann

Thank you very much for your passion and dedication to the cause of saving us from climate breakdown. You have inspired me and kept me going.

- Marjory Bisset

You are the single most inspiring MP in the House of Commons. Your honesty, integrity, civility, fairness, clear thought and articulate speech have been an example to so many people. I express the best of politics in the UK.

- Nicholas Campion

Without your dedicated input I doubt we would be where we are now regarding climate change. Many a long road still to go and you will be much missed by your constituents and many others from all parts of the political colours and ordinary people throughout the UK.

- Tania Dalcor

You are my inspiration and my hero. Thank you for giving me hope and a path to follow that says we can and must do things differently.

- Catriona Jamieson

You've inspired the next generation! Thank you for such an amazing legacy.. the climate fight continues!

- Fran Rawsthorne

Caroline you are a true inspiration and I like many joined the party because of your amazing work. You have surely done the work of 50 MPs during your time in parliament and you will be a huge loss.
You deserve to go out on a high and hand the batton to a new generation of Green MPs, who I hope are more in number and can continue the amazing work you started.
I wish you all the very best in your next chapter!

- Will Young

Thank you Caroline, you are amazing! You have inspired me to campaign for the Green Party for the past 3 years, and I am now considering standing in next May's local election. I described myself as being Environmental rather than political, and hope the this is a good move for me. Thank you again

- Nicky Gynn

Thank you Caroline. Your hard work and dedication to raising the profile of environmental and climate related issues has been truly inspirational. You have made a huge impact and set the grounds for many more Green MP's to follow in your footsteps. I wish you well in whatever path you take next and hope to meet you on the campaign trail someday.

- Mark Popay

Thank you Caroline.
You have been the most outstanding MP in Parliament. Your dedication to the role is second to none and your wisdom and integrity will be sorely missed. I can only hope we'll see more Green MPs in the House of Commons to continue what you have started.

- Robert Wilkins

Dear Caroline
I thank you with all my heart and on behalf of my family and grandchildren. Even when I speak to friends who are Tory voters they have a great respect for you.
It is my grandchildren who have to face what capitalism has done to their world.
You have inspired a different way. I will try to hold on to that determination giving me courage to act for the greater good.
Thank you I feel quite emotional

- Anne Rutherford

Thank you for undertaking the role with honesty and integrity. You have inspired me to join the Green Party.

- Stephen Holmes

Thank you for everything you've done and achieved in Parliament, Caroline, not only your magnificent leadership on environmental matters but your shining example of integrity and principle amid the distressing self-interest, dishonesty and sheer inhumanity that we witness daily from this government. I am sure your legacy will be profound as you have inspired people across the party divide.

- Susie Campbell

Thank you Caroline. I am a 'new' member of the party, and my decision to join was in no small part inspired by the energy, passion and determination that you have shown and brought to the House. Your committment to creating a fairer, greener and better country (and world) is something to which we can all aspire. All very best wishes for the future.

- Josh Beadon

Of course we are disappointed that you will be standing down from the House of Commons at the next election, but a huge 'Thank You' for the amazing work you have done there over the years. You have paved the way for a new wave of Green MPs, who will be taken seriously and respected because of the example you set. All very best wishes for the next step in your journey.

- Fiona Bowie

You have been an inspiration, Caroline, and a generation of green activists have got involved because of you and your leadership. You have done a great job in spreading the green message and fighting for social and climate justice in Parliament.
It must have seemed lonely at the start, so I'm so pleased we've got two excellent and active Baronesses and a whole generation of new leaders. We must win political power to take forward this crucial message. Thank you. I am so excited to see and hear what you do next and how you use your considerable skills.

- Mags Lewis

Thank you Caroline for all your work in Parliament.
Knowing that there was a honest MP who was fighting for Nature and Climate.
It has meant a lot for me.
All the best for your future work.

- Michael Gooch

Thank you, Caroline, for being such a fantastic MP and inspiration to all of us championing Green politics. You are a great role model for the Green Party and green movement. As a Green councillor, campaigning on the doorstep, it has been a privilege to mention you by name as you are so highly respected by voters across all parties. I wish you every success in your new endeavours.

- Amanda Bannon