Green MP and Scottish MSP welcome "landmark decision" on Gary McKinnon

16 October 2012

THE decision is welcome but it points out the urgent need for a "fundamental overhaul" of the extradition process

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion (Green) said:

“The landmark decision by Theresa May today to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon is fantastic news for the campaign – and a tribute to the incredible efforts of Gary’s mother, Janis Sharp, in fighting for her son’s right to remain in the UK.

“It is deeply regrettable then, that other British citizens including Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan – detained in the UK without charge or trial for eight and six years respectively – were not extended the same fair treatment.

“That neither was tried on British soil before being extradited to the US earlier this month, despite the fact that any alleged offences are said to have been committed here, is completely unacceptable.

“These disturbing cases have helped to expose the alarming bias and injustice embedded in the US-UK extradition arrangements, which gives the US government disproportionate control over the fate of UK citizens.

“Almost a year ago, MPs voted on a motion to urgently reform the deeply flawed extradition arrangements. Despite today’s welcome announcement by the Home Secretary, we are still waiting for a fundamental overhaul of the extradition process.

“We cannot continue to allow British justice to be outsourced to the US – to uphold the rule of British law, the government must bring in the urgent legislation called for by parliament to reform this dangerously asymmetric treaty.”

Green MSP, Patrick Harvie who represents Glasgow, the city Gary McKinnon hails from, said:

"The years of stress and uncertainly which Mr McKinnon and his family have been subjected cannot be in the interests of justice, and it’s clear the UK Government must urgently review all extradition arrangements to prevent such circumstances arising again.”




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