Green Party overtakes Liberal Democrats in the North

28 April 2014

THE YouGov poll out yesterday (April 27) shows a leap forward for the Greens for the European elections among voters in the North. Greens are on 9% ahead of the Lib Dems on 7%. (1) 

“The Green Party has now overtaken the Lib Dems in the North - as the recent poll shows for voters in the North on Europe”, said Andrew Cooper, the Green Party’s main European election candidate for Yorkshire and the Humber. 

“The Green Party vote is growing substantially now – something we can expect more of as people realise the European vote is proportional.

“This is part of a trend  - Greens regularly beat the Liberal Democrats in local council elections and even beat the Lib Dems into fourth place in the London Mayoral Elections.” 

The Greens on 9% for Northern voters puts them where they need to be to get one of the six MEP seats in the region. Adding in expected strong local campaigns in key cities, like Sheffield and Leeds, where they have sitting councillors and active political parties on the ground, these can be expected to boost Green support further. 

The Poll was taken before the official Green Party Manifesto and European national launch today (April 28) as well as before Party Election Broadcasts have been aired. 

“Once people see we have overtaken the Lib Dems more support is likely to come our way,” Cllr Cooper continued. 

“Coverage is often geared to perceived support, so there should be an urgent review of media coverage of the campaign to reflect the change.” 

Green Party membership has grown over 12% since the start of the year and expected to top 15,000 before the local and European elections on May 22. 

“It's clear that the Green Party message is really hitting home.”

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