Leaders' Debates announced - Green Party statement

23 January 2015

Leaders' Debates - Green Party statement  

* Green Party: The broadcasters have recognised that the future of British politics does not need to look like the politics of the past

The Green Party has welcomed the broadcasters’ revised proposals for the Leaders’ Debates and looks forward to taking part in the Debates, which have the potential to fundamentally reshape British politics during the official election campaign and beyond. 

By monitoring the “electoral landscape” and “taking into account … the expressions of public support for the debates to go ahead and for a wider range of parties to be included in the debates”, the broadcasters have recognised that the future of British politics does not need to look like the politics of the past. 

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said:

“The decision to include the Greens in two debates is an acceptance by the broadcasters that we now are in an age of multi-party politics.   

“This groundbreaking decision serves the interests of both the electorate and British democracy. Our membership and polling surge demonstrates that when people hear about Green Party values and policies many embrace them. The political landscape is fracturing and fewer and fewer people want the business-as-usual politics offered by the traditional Westminster parties. This is the Green Spring.

“The fresh proposals means that Green Party policies that can bring real change to Britain - from bringing the railways back into public hands to a £10 minimum wage by 2020 to zero university tuition fees – will now be heard far more widely.  

“The Green Party would like to thank everyone who contributed to the tremendous #InviteTheGreens campaign that I am sure had an impact on this outcome. The lifeblood of the Green Party is its grassroots support and today’s decision is a recognition of all their tireless work and activism."

The decision to include the Greens follows hot on the heels of a remarkable ‘Green surge’ that has seen the Party’s membership rise at an unprecedented rate and outstrip that of the Liberal Democrats and Ukip.

The Green Party, which has polled on double digits twice this week with different pollsters, is polling at its highest levels ahead of a General Election for decades. The Green Party is committed to standing in at least 75% of seats which means that 50% more people will have the opportunity to vote Green on May 7th 2015 than were able to do so at the 2010 General Election. 

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