Green Party reaction to Sunak’s Policy Exchange speech

Responding to the prime minister’s ‘security’ speech at Policy Exchange [1], in which Rishi Sunak said “we must be prepared strategically, economically, with robust plans and greater national resilience, to meet this time of instability with strength, co-leader of the Green Party Adrian Ramsay said: 

“The prime minister’s speech on security failed to make a single mention of the threats posed by climate change in spite of the government’s own Climate Change Committee being clear that this is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. With land and sea temperature records being broken on an almost daily basis, this is an emergency.  

“Yet instead of announcing any new climate commitments, Sunak chose instead to vilify those pushing for climate action, accusing them of ideological zeal. He also trotted out the tired excuse for inaction, that the costs of achieving Net Zero were too great and would disrupt people’s lives. The reality is that the Conservatives’ decision to listen to the siren song of the fossil fuel industry means we are being left behind in the economic transition. 

“The Green Party understands that the cost of inaction on climate far outweighs the cost of action. We also know the huge disruption to people’s lives that climate breakdown will cause. That’s why Greens want to see investment in insulating homes and turbocharging renewable energy. These sorts of investments will bring down people’s energy bills, create thousands of new jobs and give us real energy security.” 



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