Greens respond to Labour’s economic plans

Reacting to Labour’s plans to chase narrow economic growth over other priorities, Adrian Ramsay said: 

“The transition to a green economy provides major opportunities which we must grasp – opportunities for warmer homes, lower bills and good new jobs. The Green Party would invest in the technologies we need to ensure a sustainable and secure future.

“But we would not be chasing growth for growth’s sake. We need to ensure our economy works in a way that safeguards our climate and enables nature to flourish.

“And we need to make sure the economy we are building is fairer as well as greener. 

“This is why we would secure the investment needed to restore our public services by asking the very richest in society to contribute more. Even modest changes to the tax system for the wealthy could make a big differences – and only the Green Party is pledging to do this.”

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