General Election offers chance for real hope and real change

Green parliamentary candidates launched their national General Election campaign with a rousing call to set aside the broken politics of the Conservatives and Labour and vote for “real hope and real change.” 

Co-leader, and parliamentary candidate for Bristol Central, Carla Denyer told the party’s General Election campaign launch in Bristol: 

“Across the country, people now have the chance to vote for real hope and real change. 

“People are deeply disappointed by the way Keir Starmer has backtracked on his promises on green investment, his weak offer on housing — and now we have the would-be Health Secretary Wes Streeting telling us that more privatisation of the NHS is a good thing.   

“The case for change is obvious, but it has to be real change that offers real hope. Half measures and broken pledges will not do.   

“The voters we’re speaking to are excited that they have a genuine choice.   

“The polls are showing that we will soon be shot of this awful Conservative government, but the incremental change Labour has put on the table just isn’t going to cut it to get this country back on track. We need more Green MPs if we are to drive that real change forward.   

Co-leader Adrian Ramsay, who is standing in the new Waveney Valley constituency on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, said: 

“Over the past five years, we have increased the number of Green councillors five-fold. From here in Bristol, to councils across Waveney Valley and from Newcastle to Hastings, Greens are on the up. 

“With more Green MPs in the next Parliament what you’ll get is real hope and real change. 

“Green MPs will push the next government for bold action to achieve the real changes that are needed to confront the big challenges our country faces – and people know that.   

“Free healthcare is a fundamental principle held dear by people up and down the country and we would make sure it is funded properly so that everybody can see an NHS dentist and doctor when they need one.  

“We will make the tax system fairer so that we can afford to invest in the people who work in our hospitals and surgeries, so that they stay here, bringing down waiting lists so people don’t miss out on life-saving operations.  

“People know they can trust the Greens to offer real hope on climate and nature. Real change means not cosying up to the fossil fuel lobby and not abandoning commitments on climate targets. 

“Only by having more Greens in Parliament can we be confident that we will have strong voices to stop the backsliding on urgent climate action.” 

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