Green Party response to Labour’s manifesto 

Responding to the launch of Labour’s manifesto, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said: 

“Keir Starmer has today promised a change in direction. But he’s bound a future Labour government in a fiscal straitjacket which means very little will change. And there’s a glaring hole in Labour’s budget. Their refusal to increase taxes on the super-rich means they will be forced to resort to more public spending cuts. With our public services already on their knees after 14 years of Conservative government, we can’t afford to let this happen.  

“Labour is gambling on economic growth but failing to say how wealth will be shared out more fairly. Trickle-down economics will not fix Broken Britain. 

“What a contrast to our own manifesto launched yesterday where we pledged a fairer, greener tax system, to raise the funds needed to invest in nursing our NHS back to health, tackle the housing and climate crises and transition to a green economy. 

“We would abolish the cruel two-child benefit cap; Labour won’t. We’d end tuition fees and bring back grants for higher education; Labour won’t. And while Labour say they will hold the door open for the private sector in the NHS, Greens have made a cast-iron guarantee that we will fight privatisation and invest an extra £50bn per year by 2030 into health and social care. 

“The launch of Labour’s business-as-usual manifesto confirms the urgent need to elect a group of Green MPs to parliament so we can push a Labour government to be bolder and more ambitious.” 


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