Back of the net: Greens mark Euros kick off with football offer worth celebrating

The Green Party today is celebrating Euro 2024 kicking off with a game-changing offer to football fans that will see billions invested and money from professional clubs transferred to local communities.

The Green offer includes a £5bn package to invest in community sports and culture that will see grassroots sports clubs properly funded.

In addition The Green Party has unveiled a new funding proposition that would see local authorities enabled to invest in shares in professional sports clubs which operate in their area as a means of maintaining a connection between the club and its community. Any dividends paid to the authority would then be reinvested into public sporting facilities or coaching programmes in the area.

Alongside these financial offers, Greens also have policies to support grassroots football. Greens have also drawn up plans for example to allow local clubs access to school sports facilities outside teaching hours to ensure maximum use of a valuable resource.

The set of announcements comes on the back of a new GMB study based on a FOI request that shows nearly one thousand football pitches have been lost since the Conservatives took power 14 years ago. The Green Party manifesto pledges to enable local authorities to maintain key sporting infrastructure including pools and playing fields stating that these need to be used across all sections of the community to ensure sport is inclusive.

Commenting, Co-Leader and lifelong fan Norwich City fan, Adrian Ramsay, said, “All over the country millions play grassroots football. It builds friendships, keeps people healthy and has an immeasurable impact on happiness and wellbeing. But grassroots football needs support. Greens have pledged a £5billion fund to support community sports and culture that will sit alongside an innovative funding mechanism that will allow local authorities to invest in professional football clubs to reinvest dividends back into their community.”

He continued, “This weekend football fans won’t just be cheering on Scotland and England, they will also be heading out to grassroots summer tournaments all over the country. We can’t underestimate the value that this has for our communities. And we will do all we can to support it every step of the way.”

Ahead of the first game of the Euros kicking off Ramsay added, “With 3 Norwich players in the Scotland squad I will be cheering them along tonight and I will of course be watching the England opener on Sunday and I wish them all the very best at this tournament. I’m sure they will do us proud.”

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