Bristol elects Carla Denyer as its first Green MP

Today, Bristol has made history. The people of Bristol Central have voted for real hope and real change, electing the city’s first ever Green MP. 

Bristol Central has said that it has had enough of the political status quo, and has instead chosen the politics of hope. 

Carla will be a strong, independent voice in parliament, holding the incoming Labour government to account and driving them to think bigger and act bolder. She will play a crucial role in the next five years standing up for the people of Bristol Central and pushing Labour in the right direction.  

Carla said: 

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted Green. I’m incredibly grateful that you put your trust in me.  

“And to everyone who gave their vote to someone else this time – I’m ready to listen and work hard for you too.  

“Thanks to those that have been part of this journey. Green Party volunteers, staff, my councillor colleagues past and present, and council staff including those running the election. It has been a privilege to work with you in the weeks, months and years leading up to today. 

“Thank you too, and well done, to all the candidates who put themselves out there – even though we don’t agree on every policy, I recognise the dedication, commitment and sometimes sacrifice you put into this important part of democratic process. 

“And finally, thank you to Thangam for your nine years as a brilliant, hard-working constituency MP. I will do my best to continue to help the people of Bristol Central as well as you have done. 

“This incredible city has long had my heart. And the warmth and positivity I have felt during this campaign has been truly humbling. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity to serve you and to ensure that the real hope that inspired so many people to vote Green is represented in Parliament.” 

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