Protecting Animals

Real hope.
Real change.

To better protect animals and their habitats Green MPs will push for:

  • The creation a new Commission on Animal Protection.
  • A ban on all blood sports, including trail hunting.
  • All UK domestic and overseas territorial waters to offer the highest level of protection to marine life.
  • An end to badger culling.
  • An end to factory farming, enforcement of maximum stocking densities, and no routine use of antibiotics in farm animals.
  • A complete ban on close confinement in cages and the deliberate and unnecessary mutilation of farm animals.

Jenny Jones: fighting for clean water – and winning

Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones led the rebellion in the House of Lords that stopped the government scrapping ‘nutrient neutrality’ rules thereby protecting some of our most precious water systems from pollution. The Labour Party initially backed Conservative plans to scrap these and leave taxpayers with the clean-up bills, but Jenny successfully pushed them to support her ‘fatal motion’ to stop this move.

Jenny has used her profile in Parliament to make public ownership of water one of the key asks of the next government. Private water companies have taken our money for over thirty years and paid it out to shareholders rather than investing in a sewage system that’s fit for purpose. Only public ownership will fix this problem for good.

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