The Regional Council (GPRC)

The Regional Council provides “a forum for dialogue between Regions, responsible for keeping under review the general well-being of the Party and for supporting and advising the Green Party Executive, particularly on matters of political strategy.” It also has “overall responsibility for interim policy statements between Conferences.” (For full details seeĀ section 6i & 6ii of theĀ constitution.)

It is made up from two members elected by a postal ballot from within each region (20 members in all). Details of this can be found in the Green Party Constitution (section 6iv).

It is the forum of last resort for disciplinary matters. You can find details of GPRC involvement and the entire disciplinary procedures in the Complaints Process section of this website.

You can learn more about GPRC, including past meeting minutes, agendas and other documents, at the GPRC Green Space.

Disputes and Complaints Referral Group

There is a Disputes and Complaints Referral Group (DCRG). DCRG is formed by members of both the Disciplinary Committee and GPRC. Their tasks include deciding if complaints have been properly brought and referring them on to the Disciplinary Committee. Find out more information here.

Regional Council Members

GPRC Co-ChairsMelanie Earp
Joe Hudson-Small
GPRC SecretaryEve Allsop
East Midlands RegionHelen Hitchcock
Mags Lewis
Eastern RegionBen Foley
London RegionJoe Hudson-Small
Marley King
North East RegionRowan McLaughlin
North West RegionMelanie Earp
Lyndsay McAteer
South East Region<vacant>
WalesAdam Turner
West Midlands RegionEve Allsop
John Macefield
Yorkshire & The Humber RegionKate Dodd
Ash Routh
Last updated: May 28th, 2024

Please note that due to recent turnover of members of GPRC, not all reps have access to their regional inboxes listed below, so please be sure to add as a recipient as well.

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