Greens call for action on rooftop solar as new temperature records broken

The Green Party has called for mandatory solar PV panels to be fitted on all appropriate new buildings and for all new homes to be built to Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standards. 

The call comes as analysis (1) finds that the world’s oceans have broken temperature records every single day over the past year and that the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (2) reports April was the hottest month on record globally. Greens accuse both the government and Labour of refusing to take the actions necessary to rapidly bring down the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and avert climate breakdown. 

Co-leader Carla Denyer said: 

“The evidence of climate breakdown is mounting. Yet the Tory government pours fuel on the fire by dishing out licenses for new oil and gas exploration. Just last week (3) the High Court ruled that the government is failing to do enough to meet its targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and will be required to redraft the plan again. 

“The Green Party would love to help with this redraft. We can offer two simple, sensible and practical measures – just as starters. Fitting solar panels to all appropriate new buildings should be mandatory and building regulations should be changed so that every new home is built to Net Zero standards. These two measures are examples of how tackling our greenhouse gas emissions can also bring down fuel bills. 

“The world has achieved a new landmark with a record-breaking 30% of the world’s electricity last year being generated from renewables. But the UK is lagging behind in this renewable energy revolution – and all the jobs and improved wellbeing for people that comes with this. By cutting their £28bn pledge for green investment, Labour is also failing to grasp the seriousness of the climate crisis or the potential benefits of taking climate action. Labour just don’t get the fact that the cost of inaction on climate change far outweighs the cost of action.   

“Thankfully, after our hugely successful local election results which has resulted in a total of 809 councillors on 174 Councils, we can look forward to Greens having more influence in scaling up renewable energy and ensuring everyone has a secure, warm and affordable home.” 

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