Greens call for nature protection in wake of river report

Reacting to a new report from the Office for Environmental Protection which says: “government will not meet its ambition that most water bodies will be on the road to good condition or else already in that state by 2027,” Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said:  

“The Green Party wants to see much greater protection of nature in law, and that includes our rivers. 

“We would set up an Independent Commission for Nature that would set targets for nature protection and restoration, enforced through the courts.  

“This would be groundbreaking and make future governments act to protect our waterways from agricultural and industrial pollution. 

“It would allow for the first time the possibility of individuals, communities and conservation groups taking legal action on behalf of nature. Currently, every time our rivers, seas or land is polluted, prosecution is left to hopelessly underfunded quangos.  

“We also need water companies in public ownership and an end to leaking sewage.   

“We need to give space for all of nature to thrive, and that includes protecting our rivers.” 

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