Greens urge election focus on hope and positive change  

The Green Party welcomes the General Election as the chance for voters to choose hope and practical solutions to the crises facing the country. 

Co-leader and parliamentary candidate for Bristol Central Carla Denyer said: 

“At last. This is the moment the country has been waiting for – the chance to vote for a different vision of what our country can be. We are urging voters to elect at least four Green MPs to Parliament.” 

Co-leader and parliamentary candidate for Waveney Valley Adrian Ramsay said: 

“We are ready. Across the country people will have the chance to vote for a Green candidate offering voters hope and practical solutions to the cost-of-living crisis, supporting people into warm, affordable homes, protecting our NHS and cleaning up our toxic rivers. 

Denyer added: 

“By reforming our tax system to make it fairer – including a tax on the super-rich billionaires and multi-millionaires – we would raise £50billion to invest in our NHS, warmer homes and cleaner rivers.” 

Ramsay added: 

“We are offering the common sense, affordable policies that will dramatically improve our quality of life. More Green MPs in Parliament will hold whoever forms the next government to account, and make the other parties confront the challenges our country faces. Together, we can make the change.” 


The Green Party of England and Wales will stand candidates in every constituency, with its best chances in: 

  • Brighton Pavilion – Sian Berry 
  • Bristol Central – Carla Denyer 
  • North Herefordshire – Ellie Chowns 
  • Waveney Valley – Adrian Ramsay 

For more information and to arrange interviews contact: Tel: 0203 691 9401. 

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