Green Party reacts to new energy price cap

Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer welcomed the latest energy price cap drop, but warned it still left average consumers with bills £400 higher than before the energy crisis. 

Denyer said: 

“Consumers are still paying for a crisis not of their making.  

“Neither the Conservatives nor Labour are offering the real, practical, lasting solutions that can bring down people’s bills and protect the environment by reducing home energy use.  

“Fiddling with the price cap is not enough. 

“A mass programme of government-backed, council delivered home insulation starting immediately after the General Election is a win-win solution for people and the planet and offers people hope and positive change. 

“We could reduce bills for the long term and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by building new homes that are easier and cheaper to heat and boosting insulation in existing homes. Insulating people’s homes means they can stay warm while using less energy, save money and produce fewer harmful carbon emissions.” 

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