Greens call for real change to deliver energy security

Responding to Labour’s announcement on energy and security, Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said:  

“The road to national energy security must lead to real change – a turn away from fossil fuels and a massive investment in renewable energy generation and energy saving programmes like home insulation delivered through local authorities right across the country. 

“Anything less – and Labour is offering much less – will leave people with higher bills and do nothing to solve the climate crisis that is leaving communities up and down the land vulnerable. 

“It is Labour’s lack of ambition and refusal to make the real change needed that is leaving us all less secure. 

“Compared to Labour’s original commitment to spend £28bn a year on green investment, Labour plans to spend just £8.3bn over the course of the parliament.  

“That is nowhere near enough to deliver energy security.   

“Labour’s targets focus on the electricity supply. However, to achieve net zero we need to see the electrification of home heating. This aim was ditched when Labour cancelled its £28 billion investment pledge.” 

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