Greens slam “dodgy salesman” Farage

Responding to the announcement from Reform UK that Nigel Farage has been handed their leadership and that he is now standing as an MP in Clacton, despite just days ago confirming he wasn’t standing for election, Green Party Democracy and Citizen Engagement Spokesperson, Nate Higgins said,

“Nigel Farage is not just a dodgy salesman. He is a crook and a conman.

“He will package his brand of hate filled politics in a way that is populist and that he thinks he can sell to an electorate who are understandably fed up with mainstream politics.

“Frankly though, we’re not buying it.

“The latest organisation he latched himself onto, “Reform UK”, is another smokescreen. Set up to take money off people without offering them membership like any other established political party.

“Greens can see through these smokescreens and his jovial façade and see the divisive hate that pulsates through his politics.

“His politics belong on the extreme fringes not at the heart of Clacton, let alone on prime time TV.”

He continued, “Through sheer arrogance, what Farage fails to comprehend is that the great British public can also see him for what he is.

“7 failed election attempts later you would think he would have got the message but evidently not.

“I’m hoping that the good people of Clacton make this very clear to him on July 4th and instead look for a party that is offering real hope and real change.

“The Green candidate Dr Natasha Osben was born and bred in Clacton and I know will put the people of Clacton first, not just use them as a stage on which to stand to boost her own ego.”

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