Green party response to Sunak speech

Responding to PM Rishi Sunak’s pride in Tory achievements, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said: 

“This Conservative Prime Minister is heading for the exit because he is totally out of touch. 

“He claimed: ‘I am proud of what’s been achieved over the last 14 years’, but it is 14 years in which we broke away from our closest neighbors through Brexit, real wages fell, the NHS crumbled, and rivers filled with sewage. 

“No Prime Minister so out of touch with the hurt his government has caused so many people can expect to be re-elected. 

“So, we will have change on 4 July. The question is will it be the timid, tiny steps offered by Labour or can we achieve the real change the country needs to heal the NHS, tackle the climate crisis and give people hope that life can be so much better? 

“On Wednesday, the Green Party manifesto will offer just such a vision of real change and real hope.” 

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