More action is needed say Greens as scientists raise the alarm on climate crisis

Responding to the news that 408 leading climate scientists have demanded more action on the climate emergency in an open letter, Green Co-Leader, Adrian Ramsay, said,

“It is time for politicians to sit up and take note. Here we have 408 scholars who have dedicated their careers to understanding the climate crisis demanding not more words, but real action. Their call for an ambitious climate programme aligns closely with how The Green Party sees the role of political and government leadership in transitioning us to a more sustainable and secure future.

For Greens, it’s in our DNA that we will commit to cutting greenhouse gas emissions with urgency, bolster our resilience to unavoidable climate impacts, and lead the global effort in transitioning away from fossil fuels. Equally, we stand ready to implement a credible, legally binding strategy to meet our carbon budgets and achieve net zero. We will accelerate adaptation measures and adhere to the expert advice of the Climate Change Committee.

More than that though we stand in solidarity with those demanding a just and fair transition and see the need for finance to come from the industrial north to those in need to most urgently mitigate and adapt from the impacts of climate change. The time for half measures is over. We need real change and real hope from our politicians that now, more than ever, the climate crisis will be given the focus and funding it deserves.

This, fundamentally, shows why we desperately need more Green MPs elected. To ensure that these demands are being made inside Westminster as well as by colleagues outside.”

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