NHS must be at the top of Labour’s to-do list say Greens

Green Party Co-Leader, Adrian Ramsay MP, has congratulated Labour on forming a government and welcomed Keir Starmer’s pledge to restore politics to being about public service. Ramsay has however also warned that the NHS is in crisis and that Labour need to “get serious” about finding the funding to nurse the broken NHS back to health. Commenting Ramsay said,

“At the top of this new government’s to do list has to be the crisis in the NHS.

“We have a new Health Secretary being sent into negotiations with the Junior Doctors with the same stretched budgets.

“If they keep stretching these budgets, something will snap.”

“Labour need to get serious about funding for our NHS.

“There remains a conspiracy of silence around the funding of the NHS that this new government needs to address this.

The Nuffield Trust has already said their current plans will leave NHS funding in a worse state and would represent “an unprecedented slowdown” in NHS financing.

“Before the election Greens put a figure of £30bn a year that we thought the NHS needed alongside a £20bn capital fund to fix the crumbling buildings.

“Green MPs will push the new government to be bolder on delivering the funding needed to restore our overstretched NHS”

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